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Friday, December 25, 2009

MEI MEI fino

Klaku sur desegno por grandigi gxin

I was astounded, how Chico knew that, how he knew my birthday ?
- Our darling Meimei(**) want to talk to you, let's go to Geraldo's home and pray. Invited Chico. In the spirit center (Geraldo's home) in a private meeting, Meimei appeared in spirit, and said:
- My dear friends, my new life is good, everything are beautiful; I ask you tio read, study, work, and always help your brothers.

** Irma Castro, Meiei, was born in october 22nd, in Mateus Leme, a little city en Minas Gerais - Brazil. She left the physique body in october 1st. 1946 with 24 years old. The name Meimei means the beloved bride. It is a China name.

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