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Friday, December 25, 2009

MEMEI parto uno

Klaku surdesegno por grandigu gxin.

To protec myself from the strong storm I knocked on the door of my friend Geraldo, at this moment started a meeting with the spirits. It was october 1964.
I was atheist, I could choose the storn or to watch the spirited meeting.
- come in. Invited me Geraldo. inside the spirit center there were ladies, they started to pray.

MEIMEI dua parto

Klaku sur desegno por grandigi gxin.

I heard a sweet and known voice, it was the voice of my wife that died 40 days ago.
- Hello dears friends....said Memei through one of the ladies that was there. Geraldo talked with my wife that was there in spirit. It was strange hear the voice of my dead wife. I don't want to believe it. Afterwards, some days later, I was walking on the strees of Pedro Leopoldo (a little city) when I hit on a man, I knocked down his suitcase.

MEMEI 3RD. tria parto

Klaku sur desegno por grandigi gxin

I did recognize that man, he was Francisco Cândido Xavier, I've read an article about him at the magazine called "O Cruzeiro". Unspeakable emotion invaded me, I wanted to speak but I couldn't, I just cried in front of Chico.
- Listen Naldinho ! Is that way Meimei called you ? She is here by my side, She is happy with your birthday. Today is your 24th birthday. Said Chico

MEI MEI fino

Klaku sur desegno por grandigi gxin

I was astounded, how Chico knew that, how he knew my birthday ?
- Our darling Meimei(**) want to talk to you, let's go to Geraldo's home and pray. Invited Chico. In the spirit center (Geraldo's home) in a private meeting, Meimei appeared in spirit, and said:
- My dear friends, my new life is good, everything are beautiful; I ask you tio read, study, work, and always help your brothers.

** Irma Castro, Meiei, was born in october 22nd, in Mateus Leme, a little city en Minas Gerais - Brazil. She left the physique body in october 1st. 1946 with 24 years old. The name Meimei means the beloved bride. It is a China name.